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Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Four Mile Walk and a Yard Full of Lion's Teeth

I went for a walk with my wife this afternoon.  I needed to return a few books to the public library, and I wanted to pop into the bike shop that's downtown.  But rather than drive and further exacerbate the problem of excessive CO2 emissions, we decided to walk.

I loaded my books - and the books my wife needed to return into my satchel, grabbed my camera and we set off.  The sun was out, the breeze was cool. Birds were singing. Rabbits were nibbling.

We forgot that the library closes early on Saturday afternoons.  But no worries.  We dropped the books into the night deposit slot and continued on our way.  But the bicycle shop here in Newton, Iowa closes early on Saturday afternoons.  In fact, pretty much the entire downtown area is closed by 2:00 Saturday afternoon.

So we walked home.  And it didn't feel (too much) like a wasted trip.

As we returned home, we passed this yard full of lion's teeth.  It was beautiful.  (Though the lady living in the house next to this yard did not agree...)  Did you know that rubber can be made from dandelions?

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