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Monday, May 11, 2015

Punitive Insulting

Punitive damages and insulting words-
these are heralds of the destruction that is coming.

She thinks evil thoughts as time elapses,
will carry away silver and gold,
take great spoil,
just as the prophet declared.

She has no love for the logically or morally feasible,
and her lawyers corrupt the sacred benches of Texan courts.

Open wide the jaw and turn
as she drives an eight inch pipe down your throat.
Oil drilling is the inviolable standard of her court.

More is coming.
This is very clear;
you can be certain.

Punitive words and damaging insults
are symbolic of the deeper economic marvels that drive us.
We attach no moral significance
to the Three Trillion Dollars
spent on arrogant missiles.

So how will we deal with the problems upon us? 
The manufacturers will not help-
their products are sacrosanct;
the Market is our Goddess;
Democracy is her consort.

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