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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dr. Tarrec’s Free Weekly Horoscope #15

Aries – All Evolutionary circles are moving toward armadillos and anteaters.  What are you waiting for? 

Taurus – Gravitational members of the Nuclear family have initiated volcanic activity in the dark.  Eruptions like this can be very dangerous if not properly ventilated. 

Gemini – Nebaddon the Irritating, Nebaddon the King of Crickets is sitting at the center of the Universe, where energy meets mass in a wild dance.  The Local Universe waits for him to come; it will hail him as the Planetary Prince – but only until his older brother arrives in a cloud of smoke.

Cancer –   Agabus has been killed, shot during field work in Prague.  Melchizedek is your new handler. Follow his instructions to complete your mission.  Do not deviate from them. Gabriel will monitor the transfer of funds and equipment.

Leo - I don’t have a horse, and my lantern is broken.  I cannot explain why you are hearing hoof-beats in the heavens and seeing strange lights in the sky.  Can you tell me more about the situation?  Describe the atmospheric conditions and your proximity to any ley lines.

Virgo – We have a number, but not a location, a symbol, but not a message.  We have heard gunshots in the night, but we have not been wounded.  Still, we must be careful.  Maintain your sensitivity.

Libra – The sun in a lightweight dealer in death rays, but we must show him respect.  He is the leader.  But the moon, the moon – she runs things.

Scorpio – Please refrain from gyrating in the nether regions; Hades is a family place.

Sagittarius – We are almost in the Valley of the Shadows as Dark as Death, a solitary, lonely place where no man dwells.  We proceed in dreams and in doubt, but still we proceed.  What wonders! What worrisome wonders!

Capricorn – The Reptilian Age, with full military honors, is preternaturally silent.  Everyone watches in horror, but no one speaks out.

Aquarius – The Age of Birds and Wires will come with fragility.  It will be fragile, but it will fly.

Pisces  – Compost and loam, worms and fungus.  These are blessings.  See them, find them, keep them, grow them.

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