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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Parade

If we must have a Memorial Day parade, as it seems we must, then let us do it right.

There should be no marching bands in this parade; we will not play boisterous Sousa marches. Play only dirges on wailing bagpipes and somber, heavy drums. And no cheerleaders or baton twirling drum majors. This is not a day for flash and dazzle. This is not a day for cheers. If there must be flags, then let there be only one-at the head of the procession.  Everyone else will hang plain black bunting.  Have no floats, no fire trucks, no waving beauty pageant queens smiling from the back of red convertibles.  Do not throw candy, confetti, or ticker tape. 

Let the parade be a solemn procession of those who called for war, those politicians who sent our boys and girls to fight and die.  Let those leaders walk down Main Street with their heads uncovered.  Let them parade through town dragging the boots and helmets of those who died.

And let them ask for our forgiveness.

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