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Saturday, May 30, 2015

We Must Remember This when We Wake Up

It has been conclusively demonstrated through repeated controlled experimentation that sleep is necessary for the formation of a perfect and happy land. (This is all but a given in our present age despite what the liberal educrats are saying on university campuses.) But researchers at the Drusba Laboratories in Dallas, Texas have discovered that we must stay vigilantly awake if we wish to receive a message-an extraordinary message-from the Lord. 

This has presented us with a great conundrum: Should we sleep and preserve the sacred land our forefathers and soldiers died for or should we remain awake for new and glorious revelation?

We have become confused. We must think further on this. 

A QUESTION: How can we describe new baby bones?
A PREDICTION: Basic plant life and animal forms will appear abruptly in the stream of consciousness without our hearing. 

Please allow us to enjoy the music of the spheres. We will listen to (but not hear) other people’s ideas. We will impugn the integrity of others–this is an important part of our predictions in these last days. Admittedly, it is not wise, but we have been hurt and it has been hard to get along without a working office and a functional zoning board. And now our heartbeats are at rest.

It is not our purpose to convince unbelievers. They are not now, and never have been, our concern. Instead, we must focus all our attention and (more importantly) all our monies on winning a coalition of 51% of the open seats in congress; it is the only way to secure more research funds.

Now rest easy and let your blood circulate freely. We expect to find a transition between the here and the now, but we need more sleep! We can’t do anything except keep awake, to take in more oxygen. We already know how to create a functioning model of circulatory system; now we must stretch our muscles. We must study and experiment on animals. We will discover and predict strange new mysteries. We will. We must! Once we discovered literally billions of dreams-amazing passages into the further on, but that was long ago…

We must remember this when we wake up! 

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