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Saturday, May 9, 2015

I’ve Been Having that Dream Again

I’ve been having that dream again, the Benzene Ouroboros dream.  I am a snake head eating my own tail.  I wind round and round, racing forward faster, going nowhere.  And only now do I realize that the vibrations of Atlantis were a mistake; we were too eager, too confident.  We should have taken more time.  Now I have plenty of time for dreaming.  The killer was a civil servant before his motorcycle accident.  He cracked his skull on the pavement and the world went dark and cold. When he awoke, near a still unidentified body of water, he had visions of dancing atoms.  He saw the building blocks of the universe in a frenetic tarantella, lurching in 18/8 time toward the infinite.  He saw rings and circles and the crowns of kings.  And I’ve been having that dream again, the Benzene Ouroboros dream.

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