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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Say Selah in Praise of the Bomb

It was all well and good until the Turks started buzzin’ the airbase with their drones.  We launched a thousand strategic reconnaissance missions and ten thousand planes from Incirlik Air Base; we spied on the Soviets, spied on the Pakis, spied on everyone from there. But then we caught them doin’ us… Course we figured they had been, must have been; it’s what we done. When we netted one of their store bought, off the shelf, Chinese made drones rigged up with a cheap digital camera ordered through Amazon – well by Bomb!- it was all over then. All over but the shootin’, and the bombs.

The Bombs would fall, and did fall, and the Bombs will fall again. Praise Bomb!
Say Selah in praise of the Bomb.

Praise the fins that guide them true.
Praise the chemical reactions too.
Praise the spent-Uranium shell
that will surely blast our enemies to hell.
(Praise Bomb!)

A blaze of glory is a blaze of light and fire. Let the worlds burn and the holy Bombs fall. 
Hallelujah, drop the Bomb!

And Jin did use the Bomb against Song. Chinese alchemists could read the future in saltpeter’s purple flame. Genghis Kahn flung his Bombs into Iran, and the Arabs threw many iron balls, launched with thunder and with fire, the Christians were very afraid of them, as any member of the body that was hit was severed as with a knife, and the wounded man died afterwards because no chirurgeon could save him. But the Christians too, learned the secret of the Bomb. Now they have become Death, the Shatterer of worlds.

Praise the Dirty Bomb!
Praise the Bunker Buster!
Praise the holy Cluster Bomb!

Hail the Pipe and Stink Bomb!
Hail the Landmine and Bouncing Betty!
Hail the Molotov-Cocktail and the IED!

Praise Atomic and Neutron Bombs!
Praise Cobalt Bombs;

praise Cobalt Thorium G into the heavens!
Praise, ye saints and angels,
the Thermonuclear Blast Almighty,
now and forever,
worlds end – Amen.

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